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Jan 29, 2011

Leggings + top

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Please DO NOT redistribute. Give credit to me when using my work. 
                                             Made with TSR Workshop and GIMP

YA & A female
works as an everyday and athletic
aviliable for pregnancy
2 recolorable channels




  1. Is this an outfit? Like just one piece?

    If so is there any way you could separate the pieces? I really like them both, but would like to be able to use them with other things too!

    Good job, getting better!! :)

    Also, are you able to make .package files? If so I would be great-full.

  2. Missa Jae thank you for your nice words :) yes, it's an outfit maybe i should add a new label for it so people will know better what they're downloading. I was thinking about separating these as well and probably I wolud do this :)
    and also making a .package files it's not a problem :) You're right some people prefer .package files

  3. of course it's free!! just click on Download link :-)

  4. Thanks, :)
    best wishes from russia :D

  5. I also would love to see these as separate pieces if possible. Your work is amazing! Thank you so much for offering these for free.

  6. I'll take any maternity article I can find. Especially good-looking ones! Thank you!

  7. Very cute! Love the outfit :)

  8. after u dowload it how do u get it on the actual game...sorry first time user

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