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Feb 23, 2011

Pictures part III

Just one picture but so funny - catched in a good moment. Sims are like humans indeed. LOL
Have fun :)

Knotted Flat Ballerinas

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Pictures part II

Photo session taken a while ago :)


Feb 22, 2011

Update - Rainbow Balerina with strap - now for teens

Hi guys :)
Just a little update. I made Rainbow Balerina available for teens, so if you are interested you can download it HERE

Greetings :)

Work in progress - new pearl earrings

Hi everyone!

I wanna show you my new project that I'm working on - new pearl earrings. Actually they are almost done, but I've got a problem with mesh, because it seems for me to be to high in polycounts for this simple earrings - LOD1 - 3360. I'm just starting meshing and I don't know standards for meshes poly counts - I know just one rule LOWER POLY = GOOD :)
Before I release it for download I wanna make sure that everything is Ok. So I want to ask somebody is the poly count Ok or it's too high and I need to lower it. I'm using MilkShape 3D for meshing and when I'm trying to lower my mesh poly count with DirectX Mesh Tool I can't import the mesh back into a TSR Workshop - Workshop is just crashing, I was trying do this a couple of times and always is the same. If somebody knows a method to lower poly counts please leave a comment, I will be very grateful. And what do you think about this earrings? Becouse if you don't like it I won't be trying to finish it :D

Greetings for all of you :) It's time to sleep for me now :) See you soon


Feb 20, 2011


Hi guys!! :)

Today has passed a month since I've created this blog. I'm so happy to see that you're stopping by here and downloading my stuff. Thank you very much for your feedback and all your comments, I love to read them!!
I hope you will be coming back here and looking for some new updates, it makes me very happy that I can create for you!

In the end I would like to say a big Thank you for all sites that are reffering my blog. Thank you very much


Greetings for all of you, take care and Happy Simming guys! Love ya all :)


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Bracelet 01

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Feb 17, 2011

New design

Hello all ! I changed design on my blog, I hope you will like it :) Greetings for all of you, have a  good day!!
Ewelina :)

Male Watches Set 1

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